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Mold Awareness

Mold can shorten your roof life

A 30 year roof could possibly only last approximately 70% of its life ( 21 Years ). Mold grows on the top of your shingles overcoming the granules. As this happens your roof does not have the chance to dry out after a rain storm. The moist fungus continues to feed on itself and expands further across your roof

Mold will eat away at your equity

The black streaks that make an ugly roof not only looks bad but also detours a potential buyer from purchasing a home. If your home is on the market and your roof is covered in black mold, the potential buyer most always will claim that the house will need a new roof. The average cost of a new roof could be as much as between $ 8,500 and $ 13,000. Leaving that much money at risk to a potential buyer.

Curb Appeal

A big percentage of curb appeal of your home is the roof. This is why roofing manufacturers are trying to develop a more appealing or beautifying roof shingle. Many home owners are trying to choose a better looking roof for this reason. When your roof is covered with unsightly black streaks it defeats the purpose of a pretty roof, destroying the curb appeal of your home.

The Cure

Our company employees are skilled roofers. By choosing us to remove the mold from your roof , you are assured you have the best team on the job. We will clean the mold from your roof while treating your home and surroundings with the utmost respect. We will provide you with the service to restore your homes curb appeal and treat it like it is our own.

Mold Prevention

Once you have removed the unsightly black streaks ( mold ) from your home we encourage you to prevent it from coming back. In order to do this we install a special product on your roof. Not only do we remove the mold we prevent it from re growing. By installing this product you will greatly reduce the chance of it re accruing

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